Allied Health Professionals

Tuesday 4 September 2018
08:15 - 16:10hrs

(on or before 2 May 2018)
(3 May – 11 July 2018)
(12 July – 2 September 2018)
3 September 2018 onwards

Allied Health Professional

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The participant registration fee for Allied Health Professional’s includes:

  • Admission to the sessions on Tuesday 4 September
  • Congress documentation
  • Tea/Coffee
  • Boxed lunch on Tuesday 4 September
  • Welcome Reception for IHPBA 2018

Allied Health Professional member
Documentary proof should be sent to the IHPBA 2018 Registration Department, by e-mail to

Detailed Programme
Allied Health Professionals Session

Tuesday 4 September 2018
08:15 - 16:10hrs

SESSION DIRECTOR: François Van Hove, France

Françoise Van Hove, France; Pierre-Alain Clavien, Switzerland
08:30-10:10 SESSION 1:
Françoise Van Hove, France; Nathalie Goutte, France
08:30 Patient Information Before Pancreatic Surgery
Chulja Pek, Netherlands
08:50 Management of Massive Blood Loss from Theatre Nurse’s Perspective
Melinda Yii, United Kingdom
09:10 Operative Technique for Right Hepatectomy by Coelioscopy in Living Donor
Compared to Hepatectomy for Disease
Maryse Faury, France
09:30 The E.L.P.O Scale: Prediction of Risk of Development of Pressure Lesions
during the Perioperative Period
Raquel Ramos, Brazil
09:50 Morbidity and Mortality Post Liver Resection in Cirrhotic Patients, Saint Vincent
University Hospital Experience
Anne McGuire, Ireland
10:10-10:40 COFFEE BREAK
10:40-11:40 SESSION 2:
Raquel Ramos, Brazil; Anne McGuire, Ireland
10:40 Addiction Mechanism: Patient Care
Alix Gonnod Do Mienville, France
11:00 Management of Patients with CHC and HIV Coinfection: From an Expert
Center to National Heterogeneity
Nathalie Goutte, France
11:20 Strategies for Patient Empowerment – Enhancing Quality of Life
Aoife Coffey, Ireland
11:40-12:40 SESSION 3:
Aoife Coffey, Ireland; Dianne Lapointe Rudow, United States
11:40 Data of European Liver Transplant Registry (E.L.T.R)
Vincent Karam, France
12:00 Utilisation of the LDAT (LIVING DONOR ASSESSMENT TOOL) to Standardise
the Psychosocial Evaluation of Living Liver Donors
Dianne Lapointe Rudow, United States
12:20 Guest Lecture: Liver Surgery in Liver Transplantation
Henri Bismuth, France
12:40-13:50 LUNCH BREAK
13:50-15:00 SESSION 4:
Steven Wei, United States; Chulja Pek, The Netherlands
13:50 Welcome
Oscar Imventarza, Argentina
IHPBA President
14:00 Augmented Surgery: The next generation of Surgical procedure
Luc Soler, France
14:20 Validation on Innovation in Surgery
Jina Krissat, United Kingdom
14:40 Hypnosis in the Perioperative Setting
Mireille Michel-Cherqui, France
15:00-16:00 SESSION 5:
Melinda YII, United Kingdom; Loredana Stursi, Switzerland
15:00 Postoperative Pathways to Reduce Length of Stay Following
Sarah Misustin, United States
15:20 The Role of Advanced Practitioners in Optimising Care for
HPB Patients: USA Experience
Rae Reynolds, United States
15:40 Utilisation of Advanced Practitioners in Surveillance and Survivorship Clinics​
Lindsay Manos, United States
16:00-16:10 Conclusions
Steven Wei, United States; Fançoise Van Hove, France

Programme correct at time of publishing.