Tricks of the Trade

Important Dates

Abstract Submission deadline: 17 January 2018 (23:59hrs, GMT +12hrs)
Notification of Acceptance: 13 April 2018

Following the success in the IHPBA 2016 programme, we will continue to include a session entitled, “Tricks of the Trade.” The goal of this session is to provide a forum for all members to share their technical “tricks” in HPB surgery or management pearls they have learned in treating problems encountered by patients.

For example…

  • Have you figured out the perfect fool-proof technique for a pancreatic anastomosis in patients with a soft pancreas?
  • How do you get that giant liver specimen out of the abdomen following a laparoscopic liver resection?
  • Do you have a good way to get that pancreatic fistula to dry up?
  • How do you manage vascular resections?
  • Have you optimal port positioning?
  • How about common bile duct stones in a post-gastric bypass patient?

If you have these issues or others figured out, all of us want to hear about it – realizing that all quality care is not evidence-based or grounded in literature.

For this competitive session, we invite you to submit a brief abstract summarizing the technical issue or management problem encountered, a description (+/- an illustration or diagram) of your unique technique devised to manage the problem, and a brief understanding of the benefits of your approach. While operative tricks are most desired, approaches to any dilemma in the perioperative period will be considered. Results or outcomes are welcome but not mandatory.

Abstracts should be a maximum of 250 words and you should select “Topic 6 – Tricks of the Trade” during the submission process.

If selected, each oral presentation will be 5 minutes in length, but this should demonstrate the process clearly. This might involve good artwork, line drawings, or even a short video clip. These are not meant to be long, extravagant dissertations, but rather succinct descriptions of the method. Do not submit any video content initially please. Only if selected for presentation, will you have such an option for your presentation in Geneva. There will be an opportunity for public discourse in the session.

Anyone with a novel idea, strategy, or technique is encouraged to submit to this competitive session. There is a separate submission category available on the abstract submission website. We anticipate this to be a very exciting and well attended session at the Congress and certainly a great opportunity for discussion and debate.