Meet the Professor

Meet the Professor breakfast sessions allow delegates to meet in a small group with renowned researchers and clinicians. The format is designed to facilitate informal discussions, allowing participants to present their questions and gain new perspectives.  To foster a more intimate learning environment, places will be limited and a nominal fee of $25 per session will apply (including breakfast). Meet the Professor tickets can be purchased during your registration process. Click here for further details on registration.

Sessions will take place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 0715 - 0755hrs each morning.

Wednesday 5 September

MTP 01 Management of Laparoscopic Bile Duct Injury Abe Fingerhut - France
Steven Strasberg - USA
MTP 02 Laparoscopic Liver Transection Techniques David Geller - USA
Olivier Soubrane - France
MTP 03 LDLT Seiji Kawasaki - Japan
Elizabeth Pomfret - USA
MTP 04 The Role of Surgical Intervention in Chronic Pancreatitis Marc Besselink - The Netherlands
Kevin Conlon - Ireland
MTP 05 Value of Prognostic Scoring Systems for HCC Gonzola Sapisochin - Canada
Krzysztof Zieniewicz - Poland
MTP 06 Paediatric Liver Transplantation Mureo Kasahara - Japan
Kim Olthoff - USA
MTP 07 Robotic Whipple Procedure Michael Kendrick - USA
John Martinie - USA
MTP 08 Technical Advances to Aid the Learning Curve of Laparoscopic Hepatectomy Oliver Scatton - France
Ho-Seong Han - Korea

Thursday 6 September

MTP 09 Robotic Liver Surgery Atsushi Sugioka - Japan
Chung Ngai Tang - Hong Kong
MTP 10 Colorectal Liver Metastases Yuman Fong - USA
Guido Torzilli - Italy
MTP 11 Contemporary Management of IPMN Claudio Bassi - Italy
Takao Ohtsuka - Japan
MTP 12 Assessment of Liver Function Kiyoshi Hasegawa - Japan
Eduardo de Santibanes - Argentina
MTP 13 Utilisation of Marginal Liver Grafts Philipp Dutkowski - Switzerland
Tohimi Kaido - Japan
MTP 14 Guidelines for the Management of Pancreatic NETs Andrea Frilling - United Kingdom
Kuno Lehman - Switzerland
MTP 15 Laparoscopic Living Donor Hepatectomy Ki-Hun Kim - S. Korea
Daniel Cherqui - France
MTP 16 Tips in the Surgical Management of Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma Alfredo Guglielmi - Italy
Masato Nagino - Japan

Friday 7 September

MTP 17 Diagnosis and Management of Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma Feng Shen - China
Timothy Pawlik - USA
MTP 18 Pushing the Boundaries in Pancreatic Surgery Masaru Miyazaki - Japan
Alain Sauvanet - France
MTP 19 Robotic Surgery for HCC Philippe Morel - Switzerland
To be Advised
MTP 20 Extending the Donor Pool Jacques Pirenne - Belgium
John Renz - USA
MTP 21 Biological Imaging in HPB Surgery Jiahong Dong - China
Etsuro Hatano - Japan
MTP 22 Management of Complications after Pancreatic Surgery Olivier Busch - The Netherlands
Christopher Wolfgang - USA
MTP 23 Laparoscopic Liver Resection in Cirrhotic Patients Giulio Belli - Italy
Goro Honda - Japan
MTP 24 ERAS for HPB Surgery David Iannitti - USA
Cornelis.H.C Dejong - The Netherlands


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